Integrated blinds within glass

What are Integrated or Integral blinds?

Integrated or Integral blinds are blinds fitted between the 2 panes of glass in double glazed units. Blinds can be fully open, fully closed or tilted to allow the light in whilst maintaining privacy. Integrated blinds are made to the bespoke internal sizes of the glass, fitting neatly between the two panes of glass in Bifold doors, Sliding Patio Doors, Single Glazed Doors, French Doors or Windows.

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Integrated blinds in Bifolding Doors

Integral blinds within Bifold Doors

How do Integrated blinds work?

Manually operated integral blinds have a discreet but strong magnet.  A cord is attached to the magnet for use whilst opening, closing or tilting the blinds, the cord is then removed and can be placed safely out of reach of children.  Alternatively, a ‘wand’ (a small pole attached at the top to the room-facing pane of the double glazed unit) which is twisted to open and close the blind.

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Integral blinds for Sliding Patio Doors

Integral blinds for Sliding Patio Doors


Features and benefits of integral blinds

  • Dust free, hygienic and maintenance free
  • Wide range of contemporary colours
  • Made to bespoke sizes and fit perfectly within the 2 panes of glass
  • Easy to operate
  • Ideal in kitchens and bathrooms where blinds could get wet
  • 5 year guarantee for internal parts
  • Maintain privacy whilst allowing light in
  • Suitable for door sashes up to 1200mm wide

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Features of integrated blinds

Integrated blinds are maintenance free

What colours can I choose for integrated blinds in doors and windows?

Choose from: White, Cream, Silver, Metallic Silver, Grey, Pastel Blue, Pastel Yellow or Pastel Green to complement or contrast with the colours in your home.  Take a look at KAT’s gallery of doors and windows.

Contemporary colours for integral blinds

What colours are integrated blinds?

Integrated blinds in summary

To summarise, integrated blinds are installed inside the double glazing to provide a modern, stylish look.  If you have a wonderful view from your home and are not overlooked, rather than fitting obscured glass within your bathroom windows, integrated blinds are ideal, offering privacy when needed and an unobstructed view at other times. Choose from a wide range of colours to complement the colour of your doors and windows.

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KAT integrated blinds within glass.

French doors with integrated blinds

KAT French Doors are available in 7 colours from stock. Manufactured in just 2 weeks.