KAT ULTRA Bi-folding Door – Packaging Enhancement

Product Enhancement – CORNER PROTECTOR BLOCKS – KAT Ultra Bi-folding Door.

KAT products are always well packaged for transport and now we have gone one step further!

All our aluminium Ultra bi-folding doors will be fitted with corner protectors to ensure that they do not get damaged along the bottom of the frame. They will be fitted with one screw into each jamb so that they are easy to remove on site. They are re-usable too and if you want to recycle them please keep them in a bucket and give them to the KAT driver on your next delivery!

Ultra Bi-folding Door corner protectors

Ultra Bi-folding Door – Corner Protectors


Special points of interest

  • Even more protection
  • Fixed with one screw into the jamb profile so they are easy to remove
  • Re-usable
  • Recyclable & environmentally friendly
  • This improvement comes at no extra cost to customers.