The ultimate guide to Aluminium Windows 2018

Aluminium windows have continued to gain popularity since the latter half of the 20th century.

Today they are the ultimate ‘must have’ in home improvement circles, for new build or refurbishment.

This ultimate guide from KAT aims to provide you with everything you need to know and why they are perfect for your next project.

This guide will cover…

  • What is aluminium
  • Why choose aluminium windows?
  • The myths of aluminium windows
  • Transform your home with aluminium windows
  • Choosing a supplier


What is aluminium?

Aluminium is one of the key engineering materials of our time, making up 8% of the Earth’s crust.

Found in the periodic table, aluminium occupies the atomic symbol Al.

With its strong combination of properties, aluminium is nearly 3x lighter than iron and is flexible, strong and corrosion resistant, due to its oxide film covered surface.


example of aluminium

Why choose aluminium windows?

Traditionally used in large scale commercial projects, in recent years aluminium windows use has developed radically. Profiting from technological advancements and the rise in bold architectural trends.

There are many benefits to choosing aluminium windows…

  • Thermal and energy efficiency

Aluminium offers incomparable thermal properties, seeing windows made of the material commonly exceed efficiency standards. Whilst also reducing carbon footprints and enhancing heat gain and mitigating heat loss.

Here at KAT, all of our windows meet standards specified by UK Test Institutes, for weather performance and high security.

  • Trouble-free maintenance

KAT windows are extremely low maintenance. Once powder coated, aluminium windows are corrosion and weather resistant, making them insusceptible to swelling, rotting, peeling, splitting and warping.

  • Robustness

The slim, secure and strong nature of aluminium windows means a reduced amount is needed to support the glass and hardware, even when they are used on large-scale windows.

  • Wide range of finishes

Aluminium windows can achieve architectural specifications that common uPVC windows cannot and are available in a range of finishes to perfectly match any design, style and décor.

There are a range of colours available selecting a powder coated finish.

Colours include:

  • White
  • Anthracite Grey
  • Black

Blinds within glass can also be added to provide a sleek and contemporary finish.

  • Affordability

Despite being superior to other window materials including uPVC and timber and their unique superior properties, aluminium windows are incredibly affordable.

Aluminium windows are protected from weathering due to their powder coating, providing them with a long product life, whilst also coming with a 10 Year Guarantee.


window photo 

The myths of aluminium windows

  1. Condensation

All windows, uPVC, Timber and aluminium have the ability to condensate when exposed to airflow and humidity.

However, due to recent technological advancements and being paired with the best thermal break technology, aluminium windows now commonly achieve lower U values than timber and uPVC windows.

  1. Lack of design customisation

As aluminium is a metal, it is a common myth that windows made from aluminium are a plain and unexciting option for projects.  However, this couldn’t be further from the truth!

This type of window provides projects with a bespoke option as they are available in a range of colours and finishes, making them the perfect finishing touch.

  1. Unsecure

The most bizarre myth regarding aluminium windows is that they are believed to be unsecure.  This may be due to them being externally glazed and beaded.

In truth, technological advancements mean that now windows that are externally beaded can only be removed with internal gaskets being disconnected first. Internally beaded windows are available as an alternative if preferred.

This makes windows made from aluminium just as safe, if not more so than alternatives manufactured from other materials.


domestic aluminium windows

Transform your home with aluminium windows

Bespoke aluminium windows offer a great way to transform a home. Whether it be a modern or traditional façade project, aluminium windows are the perfect match.

Their aesthetically pleasing design and strong structure have made them the ultimate must have home improvement trend.

From rounded frames, square frames and even heritage windows that replicate art-deco windows, these windows can be side hung, top hung, tilt turn or fixed.

Also, aluminium windows can be customised to fit your safety and security needs, including key locking handles.

Here at KAT the friction hinge used on our aluminium windows conforms with fire egress regulations and have an easy clean option fitted as standard.


KAT office

Choosing a supplier

When selecting a supplier to provide and install windows for your project it is vital you choose an established company, who can help provide you with the expertise and guarantees you need!

At KAT we are always on hand to help you discover the benefits of aluminium windows and provide you with expert advice.

Whether it be for a residential or commercial project.

Find out more about KAT aluminium windows.