Svarre Glass to Glass Frameless Doors on Timber

Stunning Frameless Doors and Windows

Stunning, lustrous, sleek and unique, our environmentally friendly premium window and door series, ‘Svarre’, features designer glass on the outside (no hardware or frame seen at all) and extremely high quality timber inside.


Glass externally with Timber internally

‘Svarre’ frameless glass sliders are simply stunning and our images don’t do them justice. KAT is the UK agent for ‘Svarre’, windows and doors designed and manufactured in a purpose-built factory in Denmark. 30% of the ‘Svarre’ workforce are ladies and the general attention to detail is typically Danish = superb. Every ‘Svarre’ unit is hand-built using glass coloured and tempered by Saint-Gobain and timber grown in possibly the worlds harshest climate, the Arctic Circle.

Timber grows extremely slowly in the permafrost, meaning it is extremely stable and reassuringly durable. The internal timber frame can be painted any RAL colour or be naturally finished to highlight the beauty of the grain. Contact KAT on 01625 439666 for more information.




Timber painted windows

Natural Pine finish
















Externally, these products are probably the lowest maintenance doors in the world, with only glass to clean, so they are perfect for installation in marine conditions. There is no hardware to rust and no frame to clean! You can expect your internal frame Teknos painted or Teknos naturally sealed to require zero maintenance for over 15 years. Contact KAT for more information.

Unlimited colours – glass external doors

When the sliding door is closed, all that you see from outside is a seamless glass surface with a beautiful coloured border, of your choice. As the door is opened, the sliding sash moves seamlessly outwards and across the front of the fixed panel. These doors are triple glazed and the coloured border, available in a range of RAL finishes, is baked into the glass and will never fade. Ever….

Grey coloured glass


Thermally efficient and secure glass units

Our high-performance glass units are permanently bonded onto a timber sash. This sash is fixed into the outerframe using a very clever European system of totally hidden espagnolette locking gearing, fixed around all four edges of the outerframe. In the unlucky event of glass breakage, we send a new glazed sash which can exchanged in a couple of minutes and because of the effectiveness of the locking system, the sash is pulled tight into the frame providing a brilliant weatherseal. Ingenious design, making things simple, thermally efficient and secure.

Sustainable timber doors available in the UK and Ireland

In the UK, many companies use cost-effective, low quality pine. ‘Svarre’ source the highest grade of Scots Pine which only grows in the Arctic and its quality is determined by extremely slow growth, dictated by the harsh climatic conditions, coupled with ideal soil types. Our raw material comes from well-managed, sustainable forests, extending on both sides of the Arctic Circle. Our timber is heartwood without knots and has a very tight ring formation with high tensile strength, low moisture and a slightly darker colour than most pines. We only select timber sections from certified forests, and we use finger jointed lengths to ensure we manufacture from the most stable and strongest timber available. Send an enquiry to KAT.

Sustainable timber doors and windows



Svarre frameless glass sliding doors, single doors and windows are exclusive, top-end luxury products, beyond the budget of most. They are totally contemporary in appearance but even so, they can look equally great in modern and traditional buildings.


• Tested regularly by the harshest marine environments, will withstand a hurricane
• Exceptional thermal performance
• Brilliant soundproofing – 42 Decibel
• Designed and manufactured by hand in Denmark
• Maintenance free
• Triple glazed with 6mm toughened glass to EN 12150
• Patio doors up to 6m wide and 2.5m high
• PAS 24 BSEN 1627-30
• Hardware is classified as RC2N due to EN1628-30

• Coloured glass border available in wide range of bespoke shades
• Choose a timber paint finish from 200+ RAL colours
• 2, 3 or 4 sashes

Svarre Frameless Glass Doors

Low maintenance Svarre Glass Doors











Contact KAT on 01625 439666, by email at [email protected] or  visit the website to find out more.