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PVC Patio Door advert in Glass Times March 2016

KAT PVC Sliding Patio Door is market leader

Glass Times article ‘Focus on fundamentals’

Glass Times Editor Nathan Bushell visited KAT in Macclesfield and met KAT Commercial Director, Chris Powell to learn about new developments, and the brand that drew Chris to KAT.  The article was featured in Glass Times in March 2016, and can be seen below.

glass times

Glass Times meets KAT in March 2016


Chris told Glass Times that would stood out the most for him when he considered the role of Commercial Director 16 months ago was the strength of the KAT brand, and he realised that there was room for the company to exploit what it does best.

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KAT uPVC Sliding Patio Doors

Chris said “KAT was formed in 1998 making nothing but patio doors, and it was the best in the market, however the market is catching up, so we have revisited this popular product to make it the best once again.”

KAT has simplified its offering and has improved the specification to win over installers and homeowners.

Hercules Rollers fitted to PVC Sliding Patio Doors

One of the main causes of callbacks on uPVC Patio Doors is the poor performance of the rollers, which is often caused by errors in installation – they sometimes don’t sit level.  To overcome this, KAT has introduced the self-levelling Hercules roller, which automatically disperses the sash weight over six rollers, guaranteeing a smooth action. The roller will also allow sash weights to be doubled to 160kg, which will pave the way for larger sash siexes and the promotion of triple glazing.

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KAT PVC Sliding Patio Door

KAT PVC Sliding Patio Door


Bespoke hardware fitted to KAT PVC Patio Doors

We offer a ten year guarantee on the patio door and have recently upgraded the handle to the exclusive to KAT, Vanguard handle which comes with a 10 year guarantee in six colours.


Bespoke door handles

KAT Vanguard handle