Oak doors and windows


OAK is classified as a slow-growing hardwood and has been used for centuries in the manufacture of external doors and windows.

It is admired for its beautiful grain and its’ strength and durability. Oak used externally will need more attention and frequent care than other timbers, as over time the sunlight will lighten the timber and turn it into a silvery grey colour. Moisture can turn some joints a little black in colour, although this discolouration will not affect the durability of your doors and windows and is purely cosmetic. Some people feel that these characteristics of Oak enhance its’ appeal. Take a look at some of our beautiful KAT wooden doors and windows.

At KATOak Bifold Door Oak , our time-served Joiners hand-craft each door using a combination of both Solid Oak and Solid Engineered Oak.

Engineered Oak is a process where multiple pieces of solid oak are bonded together tightly to create timber which is stronger and offers more stability than a single piece of wood. CONTACT KAT

Paint and Stain Finishes

KAT apply 3 coats of Teknos microporous natural finish to our Oak doors and windows, before they are delivered to your home. We always apply a slight tint to the shade to help disguise the natural greying of Oak, whilst still allowing the beautiful grain to show through. It is recommended that once your doors or windows have been fitted, they are inspected on a regular basis and that all external joints, end grain and any gaps are immediately repaired and treated. One of the qualities of solid Oak, is that it can be sanded and retreated to repair scratches and slight imperfections.


Buying wood in recent years has added complexities, as we now understand the importance of preserving our woodland. Where possible, we source our Oak from sustainably managed forests, which means that the forest stewards manage the landscape to prevent damage to eco-systems, wildlife and the trees, ensuring that in future generations, the forest will still be there for our grandchildren.

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