KAT’s Blueprint For Success

As part of the ambitious and growing Kaliber group, KAT presents opportunities for its employees. Through group growth and by entering new markets, the options to develop a vast array of careers continuously improve. Steering an organisation on its unique growth journey is one of the biggest personal challenges facing all businesses. Although the end goal, may stay the same, the conditions experienced on the journey will be different within six months, and different again within a year. In early 2016, all members of the KAT management team read ‘Building the Pyramid: The Winning formula Approach to Delivering Success on Your Organisation’s Growth Journey’ and various lessons were learnt along the way.

Having decided on how to grow the KAT business to secure the futures of employees, its’ vision for the business, the critical areas to focus on and the great importance attached to KAT’s unique culture and values, KAT acknowledged that a successful business only comes from great people. Investing in the growth of the team and appreciating a diversity of individuals is essential for success. Several brainstorming sessions were held between the KAT management team and production teams, which resulted in the KAT Blueprint For Success being developed. Visit the KAT website.


KAT’s Blueprint For Success


The Blueprint was rolled out in the Summer of 2016, with a personalised copy presented to all 90 KAT employees.The Blueprint is used as a framework to inspire, guide, motivate and focus our efforts every working day. Graphics are displayed on the walls of each of KAT’s 4 factories, with headings ‘The KAT Vision’, ‘Imperatives for Growth’, ‘Critical Success Factors’, ‘KAT’s Unique Culture’, ‘KAT’s Core Values’, ‘The KAT Journey’, ‘Business Development Strategy’, ‘Practical Uses’, ‘Personal and Team Objectives’. One of KAT’s Imperatives for growth is that “We work in an environment in which we all have a voice that is heard and our opinions and ideas matter. Everyone has a say in our business and we each welcome the opportunity to make a contribution to our success“. To encourage employee contribution, an Ideas Box has been displayed in each of the 4 KAT factories.


Quality Attitude Determination Performance

KAT Core Values


The KAT Vision:

  • We will be the specialist glazing manufacturer of choice in our chosen markets.
  • We will work harder for our customers to grow their businesses through developing and supporting them with innovative products, presentation materials and consistent on time delivery of product.
  • We will become a destination for new talent looking for a rewarding career. We know that to consistently deliver the best customer experience we must have a high performing team.
  • Our ongoing investment in our people maximises potential and allows their knowledge, ambition and talent to flourish.
  • We will build long term relationships with our supply partners and ensure that both parties benefit so that ongoing reinvestment in product and service improvement is possible.
  • We will underpin our vision with sound financial disciplines that create a growing, sustainable business.
  • We will contribute to both local community initiatives and further afield environments in a positive and proactive, sustainable way.
  • ‘Life Engineered’ is the very essence of KAT’s culture and is the driving force behind our history of innovation and passion for delivering customer service.

KAT is a UK Manufacturer of Sliding Patio DoorsAluminium Bifold DoorsFrench Doors, Single Glazed Doors, Entrance Doors, Windows, Box Sash Windows, Flat Roof Lights and Lantern Roofs.

Contact KAT on 01625 439666 or visit the KAT website at katuk.co.uk