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Bifold doors on YouTube

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine with over 1 billion people visiting each month. It’s a forum for people to connect, inform each other and inspire others.  KAT will be featuring regular short videos on YouTube, to give you an insight into the Company and to guide you through the installation of our wide range of products. 

How to Install a Bifold Door - YouTube

How to Install a Bifold Door

Follow ‘Why KAT’  and we will take you on a brief tour of our 3 factories, where bespoke Bifold Doors, Patio Doors, Front Doors, Lantern Roofs and Windows are manufactured.  KAT is the only UK Manufacturer of window and door systems in all 3 major materials, Aluminium, PVCu and Timber. We have a dedicated fleet of vehicles comprising 6 large 8.5 tonne FAME vehicles for national and 3 small fleet vehicles for local distribution.

Our 2nd Youtube video demonstrates how to install a Lantern Roof which can also be viewed here.


Contact KAT on 01625 439666 or visit our Showrooms in Newhaven, Macclesfield and Hazel Grove to see our wide range of doors and windows.