KAT Classic Box Sash Solution for Lumb Lane Residents

KAT Classic Vertical Sliders have been installed in 5 Edwardian properties in Bramhall, Cheshire; Chosen because they respect the traditional characteristics of these period dwellings.

Designed to mirror the aesthetics and functionality of 100 year old Edwardian bay windows, the KAT classic Box Sash is an increasingly popular choice for homeowners and specifiers alike, when refurbishing traditional buildings. The KAT Classic box sash solution enables homeowners, specifiers and Local Authorities to install replacement windows with looks almost identical to the original units, yet exceeding modern building standards in terms of thermal properties and general performance.

KAT Classic Edwardian Bay WindowBelieved to have been built around 1905, the properties at Lumb Lane had long since had the original windows replaced and each property had a mixture of timber and early generation PVCu casement windows. Recognizing the need for replacement, Mr and Mrs Brown did their research and realised that timber box sash windows had been installed in the original build, but they did not want future maintenance issues. Mrs Brown contacted KAT via an internet search for Box Sash Windows and KAT was quick to match them up with local KAT Design Partner, Merlin UK. Merlin UK were happy to demonstrate the attributes of the modern PVCu Box Sash in the form of KAT Classic and managed the installation through to completion.

Following this installation the Brown’s neighbours were quick to recognise the aesthetic improvement to the property and within a matter of weeks the Withers and Bailey’s followed suit and today 5 families have replaced their windows with KAT Classic.

Box Sash Solution - KAT ClassicDavid Fox of Merlin UK comments, ‘Its testament to the strong partnership between KAT and Merlin and the quality of the KAT Classic Box Sash product that generated so much interest on the street after the first quality installation that all home owners are delighted.’

Chris Powell, KAT Commercial Director comments, ‘The KAT Classic has been in the KAT portfolio for 10 years now and the Lumb Lane story is a great example of how good product and excellent service go hand in hand to make customers happy and generate repeat business’.

To compliment KAT Classic, there is also the KAT Elegance Box Sash Window range, with the new mechanically jointed Mayfair planned for launch in January 2015. KAT also manufacture Timber Box Sash Windows to give customers an unrivalled product offering.

If you need a Vertical Sliding Box Sash Window, Sliding Patio Door or Bi-fold Door – call KAT, one of the customer service team will be on hand to help.

KAT has manufacturing facilities in Macclesfield, Hazel Grove and Newhaven and 5 showrooms nationwide.  For more information contact KAT on 01625 439666, [email protected], katuk.co.uk

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