Integral Venetian Blinds

What are Integral Blinds in Glass?

If you are choosing Bifolding Doors or Sliding Doors for your home, you might be considering what kind of blinds would be most suitable. 

Integral blinds are perfect for controlling room temperature, maintaining privacy, protecting your furniture from fading and adding a stylish finishing touch to your room.  Installing an integral blind system means you will never have to clean the venetian slats and they will never get damaged. 

These Venetian-style integral blinds are installed between two glass sheets inside the double glazed unit within Bifolding Doors or Sliding Doors and by special order are also available for triple glazed sealed units. Blinds can be operated either manually or electrically, depending on your chosen system. The slats raise, lower and tilt via magnetic transmission through the glass, without affecting the hermetic seal of the unit.


Available with a range of operating mechanisms and colours, you will have no trouble finding a solution that fits your room style and colourway. Integral blinds offer complete privacy and with very little effort you can choose to hide a grey sky or let the light flood in.

Integral venetian blinds are made to bespoke sizes. They fit exactly between the 2 panes of glass in the cavity of a 28mm double glazed unit. The benefits of integral blinds is that they are dust free, maintenance free and hygienic, as well as offering a very contemporary look.


How are Integral blinds in glass operated?

  1. Rotational cord winder – this patented product is a popular system. The cord loop is housed inside a magnet mechanism attached to the glass at the top of the unit by high performance adhesive and there is a bottom guide roller attached further down the glass pane, at 1 metre as standard. (The cord can be any length, it can even be specified to run the full length of the glass pane). To open and close the blinds simply move the cord up or down; to tilt the blind slats, gently move the up and down cords simultaneously. This system allows you to quickly deploy or retract the blind. If the blinds are not in regular use, the cord mechanism be easily detached for aesthetic reasons. The cord is held lightly under tension by a cord tensioner and fully complies with the British Blind and Shutter Association – ‘Make it safe’ campaign.
Rotational Cord Winder 

2. Wand winder – the wand winder is a 400mm plastic rod connected to a rotational winder knob at the top of the unit.  To open and close the blinds spin the rod in your fingers and to tilt the blind slats, gently twist the rod in reverse. Retracting or deploying the blinds is a slow process. This is slow if the blinds are not in regular use, the rod can easily be detached for aesthetic reasons.

Wand Winder 

3. Twist winder – a small ‘thumbturn’ style winder. This is the smallest and least obvious control unit (other than electrically operated) but it takes a lot of patience to wind a blind up and down. If the blinds will generally be left closed and the only regular requirement is to tilt the blinds open and closed then this is a very good solution.

Twist Winder

Slider mechanism – It is easily the fastest and easiest to use. It is operated by a magnetic slider placed on the left or right hand of the glass. You simply move the slide device up and down to open and close your blinds very quickly. The slight negative is there is an obvious slide track from top to bottom of the glass pane. For more information or to request a quote for blinds in glass, contact Morley Glass for a quote or for more information 

Other opening options

  • Solar control – solar panel units are fitted to the outside of each glass unit and inside each unit there is a control device fixed at the edge of the glass. The internal control units have a battery back-up and can be mains charged. The control unit has sensors which allow you to open, close and tilt the blinds. Each unit operates independently, so in a 3 pane bifold for example; one blind could be fully open, one fully closed and one in tilt open position. 


  • Electrically operated – This system has a brushless motor used for raising/lowering and tilting the integral Venetian blinds. It allows (by means of an encoder) the simultaneous and synchronised operation of several blinds at the same time and the accurate tilting of the slats. No control device is required on the glass or window frame, as the motor is activated by means of wall-mounted push buttons or a remote-control optional unit. All blinds work in tandem, they will not operate individually, and the system must be wired into the mains. This system is particularly suited to prestigious projects, especially the exclusive contemporary domestic market.


What size Doors and Windows can Integral Blinds fit into?

  • Maximum width of a blind is 1200mm. Maximum height is 3000mm.
  • Other widths/heights are available by special order – ask for details
  • Our standard cavity width is 20mm as standard to accommodate a 28mm sealed unit.
  • Blinds for other cavity depths are available by special order.

What Colours are available for integral blinds

There are 10 venetian slat colour options:








Dark Silver

Metallic Silver


Morley Glass integral blinds are suitable for KAT’s:

Bifold Doors

French Doors

Single Glazed Doors

Casement Windows

Sliding Patio doors

With a 5-year guarantee for all internal parts

Delivery lead time is 3 weeks










For more information on our range of bespoke doors, call KAT’s Customer Services Team on 01625 439666 or send an email to [email protected]