Retro Art Deco Glazing for your home

When planning an extension or renovation to your home, one of the biggest areas to consider is glazing. Replacing older windows with new double glazing will make a real difference to the warmth of your home and your heating bills. The design of your home is likely to play a key role in deciding on the style of your windows.

Art Deco Windows

When renovating a home, replacing existing windows with Art Deco Steel replacement windows is a consideration. The Art Deco design lends itself well to a 1930’s, 40’s or 50’s home, including those with Arts and Crafts roots. If you are renovating an older home and prefer to maintain the authentic look at the front of the house, incorporating a modern extension to rear with traditional looking Art Deco Doors and Windows can help retain the original feel of the building.








High Performance Art Deco Windows

KAT’s Art Deco Steel Replacement Windows are manufactured from Aluminium, which is lightweight, strong and resistant to corrosion. Aluminium can be painted in a wide range of colour finishes, either to closely resemble traditional Steel windows, or in a modern anthracite or light grey. As a standard, KAT’s Art Deco Windows achieve a W/m2K 1.5 U-Value, which will help keep your heating bills low and your home warm. Email KAT at [email protected] for more information or visit the Art Deco Windows product page to discover the key features.

Steel Replacement Windows are a stylish choice. To maintain a truly authentic look, traditional Art Deco Window handles like the ones below, complete the look. If preferred, you can choose a black Monkey Tail handle or a Bulb-end design. Images of each of the handles can be seen on the product page. 


KAT’s traditional Art Deco Window handles


Whilst the Art Deco Windows might look authentic, rest assured they can meet PAS 24 Security, keeping your home safe.

Art Deco Windows are also suitable for use indoors, creating an internal fixed frame or sliding partition wall. Contact our Customer Services Team on 01625 439666 for more information or email your enquiry.

KAT Art Deco Windows











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