Great Manchester Run 2016

Great Manchester Run 10K

Amongst the 50,000 runners who took part in the Great Manchester Run on Sunday, 22nd May 2016, were Shane Martin, KAT’s Customer Service Advisor, Chris Powell, KAT’s Commercial Director and one of KAT’s suppliers, Christian Nistelberger.  All three stalwarts completed the 10K in admirable times for a worthy cause, The Rossendale Trust.

The Manchester atmosphere was buzzing, with the sun shining just long enough for the 3 KAT runners to complete their course, then the skies opened and the rain fell.


Great Manchester Run

We made it! Shane, Chris and Christian having completed the 10k run

The Rossendale Trust

KAT raised over £1,000 in support of  The Rossendale Trust  at the Great Manchester Run and are very grateful if anybody would be good enough to support us.  If so, cheques can be made out to ‘The Rossendale Trust’ and sent to KAT for Chris Powell’s attention.

The Rossendale Trust has been providing care and support for adults with learning disabilities for over 40 years.  The trust was started in 1973 by two local to Macclesfield families who as a result of having a child born with learning difficulties, found there was a gap for the sort of care and support they required.  The Trust has grown considerably over the years, assisted by the support of local families, relatives, businesses and fundraisers.  The Trust provide a supported living care service, basically this is a “don’t do it for me, do it with me” style of approach.  The local authority fund the base line care needs of the individuals in the Trusts care; the extras require independent fund raising.”

KAT are manufacturers of Doors, Windows and Roof Glazing, with a Head Office based in Macclesfield, Cheshire.

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The Rossendale Trust, Rossendale Hall, Hollin Lane, Sutton, Macclesfield, SK11 0HR

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KAT are proud to support charitable initiatives and are partnered with a number of great causes, more information at



Before the race

Great Manchester Run

In support of The Rossendale Trust

KAT sponsors The Rossendale Trust

Shane at KAT Customer Services

KAT at Great Manchester Run

Nearly time for the White Wave to start

Shane from KAT nearing the end of the race

Shane nearing the finishing line