Keeping your glass clean on a Lantern Roof

Cleaning your Lantern Roof

Many people are now changing the glass on their conservatory roof or Lantern roof and replacing it with self-cleaning glass, which saves time in cleaning the windows.

KATpod Lantern Roofs can be supplied with self-cleaning glass.  Request a brochure or visit our website.

How to clean your Lantern Roof glass

It’s advisable to use a small step ladder and ensure it’s positioned on a flat surface, so that you can see what you’re doing when cleaning your glass.  There are various items you can buy to clean windows, so find whatever suits you best.  A long handle with a sponge on the end is useful for applying warm soapy water or a waterfed pole which pumps soap and water along the handle. Start at one end of the Lantern Roof or Conservatory Roof and then work along methodically, to keep any streaks to a minimum. It’s advisable to clean your glass on a dull day as generally cleaning the glass on a warm sunny day will encourage the windows dry to more quickly, causing streaks. KAT manufacture Lantern Roofs and Flat Roof Lights, contact KAT on 01625 439666 for more information.

What to look for when choosing a new Roof Lantern

KATpod is the slimmest and most thermally efficient Lantern Roof in Europe, fitted with Self-cleaning glass.

Cleaning the glass on your Lantern Roof

Cleaning the glass on your Lantern Roof




 How does Self-Cleaning glass work?

Self-cleaning glass works in two stages.  The first stage is that a microscopic organic coating reacts with daylight to break down organic dirt. The second stage is that when rainwater falls on the glass, it runs off taking the dirt with it and then has the ability to dry quickly.  In dry summers, it might be necessary to use the hose pipe to wet the glass to keep your windows clean.  If you would normally ask a Window Cleaner to clean your windows, you could save yourself money by fitting self-cleaning glass.  Choose from either a blue or neutral tint. Request a quote for a Lantern Roof.

Environmentally friendly glass

By fitting self-cleaning glass to your Lantern Roof or Flat Roof Lights, there will be no need for soapy cleaning products, which is kinder on the environment.

KAT manufacture Aluminium Flat Roof Lights and Lantern Roofs in addition to bifold doors, patio doors, front doors and windows and deliver throughout the UK in its own fleet of vehicles.  Contact KAT by email or telephone 01625 439666.  Call into one of our Showrooms in Macclesfield, Cheshire or Newhaven, Sussex to view our range of products.

KATpod Lantern Roof

KATpod Lantern Roof with self-cleaning glass

KATpod Lantern Roof

KATpod Lantern Roof