Aluminium Windows with unique glass design

KAT Aluminium windows were recently installed in Cheshire where our customer worked with a renowned glass artist to create unique bathroom windows.

Glass design 4

Images are overlapped to give complex yet subtle designs within the glass

Tree silhouettes within glass design

Rachel Welford, Glass Artist describes the inspiration for her Artwork: “For as long as I can remember, I have been intrigued and inspired by light and its interaction with glass and mirror. By layering reflective, matt, transparent and translucent glass surfaces, light can be harnessed, projected or diffused, to create artworks that react to their environment, and change in relation to levels of sunlight, weather or the transition from day to night.”

“Tree silhouettes are a favourite starting point, and I photograph them wherever I go. I usually work digitally, overlapping images to give complex yet subtle designs. The next step involves cutting the images from adhesive vinyl, creating masks that protect part of the glass surface. I then sandblast the whole pane, producing a matt frosted surface. When the mask is peeled off, the image is revealed – in this case a tree silhouette in clear reflective glass, on a translucent frosted sky. This same process is repeated with mirror to give a silver tree on a frosted glass background. The final step is then to combine the layers. It is through this layering that the magic occurs – glowing diffused light, glimpses of reflections through the tree branches and internal shadows all come and go depending on the light, and it is this marrying of imagery, glass and light that is the artwork.”

If you would like further information about Rachel’s work or KAT Aluminium Windows, please contact KAT in the first instance.