100% attendance at KAT


100% commitment at KAT

KAT recognises and rewards 100% commitment and attendance

At KAT, we recognise that a successful business only comes from great people. Everyone has a say in our business and we each welcome the opportunity to make a contribution to our success. In recognition of 100% commitment from several employees, KAT recently rewarded team members with a Certificate and the opportunity to take a paid day off or a monetary award.  A paid day off is the best present you can provide to staff. This type of initiative helps to create a positive work culture, improving and uplifting staff morale. Visit our website


100% commitment and attendance at KAT Macclesfield

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100% commitment makes Pat a tired man!

100% attendance at KAT Macclesfield


100% attendance at KAT production in Macclesfield

KAT manufacture Doors, Windows and Rooflights

A number of employees within production of doors, windows and rooflights gained 100% attendance over a 12 month period, in addition to Customer Services, Accounts and Marketing. Chris Powell, Commercial Director said “At KAT, our commitment to doing things to the best of our ability is at the core of all areas of the business.  We believe that it’s the little things that count, and by recognising that our employees have given KAT 100% commitment we aim to keep motivation high”.


KAT are manufacturers of Doors, Windows and Rooflights.  For more information visit our website or contact KAT on 01625 43966.  Alternatively, email [email protected] and we will respond to you as soon as we can. katuk.co.uk