Our Vision

KAT was expressly conceived as a pioneer of bespoke window and door products, challenging the way doors and windows are sold, manufactured and installed.


  • We will be the specialist glazing manufacturer of choice in our chosen markets.
  • We will work harder for our customers to grow their businesses through developing and supporting them with innovative products, presentation materials and consistent on time delivery of product.
  • We will become a destination for new talent looking for a rewarding career. We know that to consistently deliver the best customer experience we must have a high performing team.
  • Our ongoing investment in our people maximises potential and allows their knowledge, ambition and talent to flourish.
  • We will build long term relationships with our supply partners and ensure that both parties benefit so that ongoing reinvestment in product and service improvement is possible.
  • We will underpin our vision with sound financial disciplines that create a growing, sustainable business.
  • We will contribute to both local community initiatives and further afield environments in a positive and proactive, sustainable way.

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