Environmental issues are global issues that affect us all. We take our responsibility to reduce waste and emissions very seriously.


The environment is extremely important. That’s why we not only look to recycle the off-cuts from our production facility but we also try to minimise the overall wastage in our factories.

Everything from energy efficient lighting, to recycling paper, to controlling our heating is carried out within our environmental policy, as we consistently aim to reduce our carbon footprint.

Packaging is used in the most efficient, least environmentally damaging way possible and our logistics and transport systems help to minimise our fuel usage and with it the impact on the environment.

We also endeavour to make our products as energy efficient as possible and recommend the very latest glass and thermal technology. We have for example taken the u-values of glass down from 1.7W/m2K, the benchmark just a few years ago, down to 1.0W/m2K.

We also believe in a business having a social conscience which is borne out by our choice of charity partners.

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