KAT Slim sliding patio doors

What do you want your vision to be?


Our vision is yours. Because our guess is that you’d prefer a vision of your garden or the great outdoors in preference to a less than great obstructive door or window!

At KAT, we specialise in installing frameless doors and windows in homes and commercial buildings across the UK.

Benefits you WON’T see!
It could be said that, in one way, you won’t see the benefits of our superb range of KAT Slim Aluminium Patio doors! Because our vision from day one was to take glazing to a whole new level.

And, to achieve just that, our single-minded commitment to product and system development ensure that we are always at the very forefront of glazing technologies.

Your vision realised… beautifully
Whatever your vision might be, our team can bring it to life beautifully, smoothly and seamlessly, from planning to completion. And, with multiple configurations available, your imagination really is the limit to make your dreams reality.

Key features of KAT Slim sliding patio doors

  • Low maintenance, hard-wearing powder coated aluminium
  • Slim 35mm Meeting Style
  • Any RAL colour and wide range of texura finishes
  • Secure Multi-point locking
  • U Values from 1.6 W/m2k
  • Available as Inline Slider or Lift & Slide
  • Smart system profile
  • Choice of 2, 3 or 4 sash options


  • Sliding doors can open from both the left and/or right
  • 35mm or 83mm sightline interlocks available

KAT Super-Slim Aluminium Patio doors feature a 35mm sightlines allowing for as much daylight as possible. Highly efficient double glazed units with thermally broken aluminium allow for low thermal U-values.
Profile Dimensions
35mm Meeting Style
Wide range of RAL colours and finishes available.
1.6W/m2K (Using a 1.0W/m2K glass unit)
1.4W/m 2K (Using a 0.7W/m2K glass unit)
Wind Resistance
2400 pascals
Water Tightness
300 pascals
Air Permeability
600 pascals
Document L
Inline Sliding Doors Dimensions
Maximum Dimensions

Inline Sliding Patio
Max sash weight: 200kgs
Min sash height: 800mm
Max sash height: 2500mm Providing sashes are within the above limitations, there is no maximum width.
Note: Lock will have two locking points where sash is below 1400mm.
For PAS24:2012 the minimum height is 1885mm.

Lift & Slide Doors Dimensions
Lift & Slide Patio
Max sash weight: 300kgs
Min sash width: 650mm
Max sash width: 3294mm
Min sash height: 1718mm
Max sash height: 2500mm
Slimline 35mm or 83mm sightline suitable for most applications, depending on location and exposure.
Maximum Weights
Inline Sliding Doors 200kgs per sash

Lift & Slide Doors 300kgs per sash
Glazing Thickness
28mm double glazed units with square bead

38mm triple glazing is available on request
Multi-point locking system



At KAT, we specialise in installing doors and windows in residential properties and commercial buildings all across the UK. These doors feature safety glass and cater for really substantial openings where the external view is optimum.

Material Information


Aluminium has become the preferred material for manufacturing windows and doors from and that is why it is widely specified by Architects for most new build and refurbishment projects.
Aluminium doors require very little maintenance, just an occasional wipe with a damp soapy cloth and a regular check to ensure the track is kept free from grit and small stones to ensure the doors continue to run smoothly. Aluminium is more resistant to the elements than uPVC and is not likely to warp or rot. We offer a 10 year warranty on standard paint and a 25 year warranty on Marine Grade paint.




We believe in keeping things simple. Our slim doors are supplied with an elegant handle with an up down lever and cylinder lock, that sit close to the door edge. In order to maximise the glass area we have kept our aluminium edge profiles as slim as possible.


Safety & Security


Our KAT slim range of sliding patio doors are always supplied with safety glass as standard. We are constantly improving the locking options available and we are currently conducting indicative testing prior to full testing at BSI.

Safety & Security

Colour Options


KAT doors are available in a any RAL colour or textured finish.

Call into our showroom in Macclesfield and we will can show you a colour chart demonstrating each of the RAL colours.