KAT Bautec Lantern Roof

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KAT Aluminium Lantern Roof. Visual Elegance, Supreme Performance.


KAT’s Lantern Roof is the advanced engineering solution in lantern design, allowing in an unrivaled amount of light and providing a feeling of space, uninhibited by bulky roof bars.

KAT only offer niche products to a superior specification and the Lantern Roof is no different. It is a thoughtfully engineered roofing solution with ultra slim sightlines, excellent structural integrity and unrivalled thermal performance.

The roof is delivered by KAT ready to be quickly assembled on-site. Offering solutions for all property types; from sensitive period buildings in conservation areas, spa’s and atriums, to modern new build properties, extensions or refurbishment projects.

KAT customers have a passion for stylish aesthetics, structural integrity and enhanced thermal performance and the Lantern Roof meets all these requirements.

It has been designed to allow consumers to use their orangery or extension all-year round with almost zero maintenance. The KAT Lantern roof is supplied with industry leading thermal efficiency as standard and ‘BioClean’ self-cleaning glass. Designing and ordering is simple – up to a maximum of 4 metres wide, with almost no length limitation.

It is available in White, Black or Anthracite Grey. Glazing is stocked in either clear glass or with a blue tint.

Key features of KAT Bautec Lantern Roof

  • The slimmest Lantern solution in Europe
  • No clunky bars and supports
  • No obtrusive profiles dominating the glazing
  • 40mm aluminium rafters, 30% slimmer than conventional systems
  • Ridge 70% slimmer than conventional systems
  • Warm in winter, cool in summer
  • Comfortable year round room use
  • Excellent thermal properties
  • Bespoke roofs made to order
  • Tinted glass option
  • Up to 4 metres wide and almost no length constraint

Full aluminium (thermally broken with polyamide break)
Rafter depths
P401 rafter – 70mm
P402 rafter – 83mm
P403 rafter – 100mm
Rafter width
Ridge width
Roof pitch
17 degrees to 35 degrees
External caps
Flat (aluminium)
Boss & hoods
Not required
Tie bars (dependent on design)
Up to 2500mm wide - no tie bar
Up to 3800mm wide - hidden
Up to 4000mm - box
Rafter U Value
Double glazed - 1.5 W/m²k Triple glazed - 0.95 W/m²k
No sill required (unless preferable)
Options available - 150mm & 190mm aluminium
Check with local building control authority
67mm minimum width
Glass U Value
Double glazing - 1.1 W/m²k
Triple glazing - 0.6 W/m²k
Glass options
(toughened outer and inner)
24mm 4mm neutral / blue active / 16mm argon / 4mm low e
44mm 4mm clear / 16mm argon / 4mm low e / 16mm argon / 4mm low e
white / grey / grey on white / black / black on white



KAT make exacting products to your exact requirement. Each KAT Lantern Roof is carefully engineered.

The choices are simple; choose the frame colour combination, the glazing tint and we will manufacture a bespoke roof to your specification.



Material Information


Aluminium is the optimum material for manufacturing glazed roofs from and that is why glazed aluminium is widely specified by Architects for the most serious new build and refurbishment projects. Aluminium framing offers strength, durability and low maintenance. The Lantern Roof is thermally broken with Polyamide; toughened double glazed as standard with ‘BioClean’ self-cleaning glass externally and low emissivity glass internally, with argon gas fill and warm edge spacer.




A complete lantern roof system with an almost limitless range of sizes available, along with glazing and cill.


  • Double or triple glazed
  • Clear or Blue Tint

Cill – It is usually fitted straight onto a pre-prepared timber kerb upstand with no cill requirement. Cills are available.

  • Aluminium 150mm
  • Aluminium 190mm

Kerb upstand – The Lantern Roof should be mounted on an upstand on top of the flat roof.




Safety & Security


KAT’s Lantern Roofs are fitted with toughened double glazing to the inner and outer pane. Whilst being the slimmest and most thermally efficient Lantern Roof in Europe, it offers excellent structural integrity for maximum strength and performance and comes with a 10 year guarantee.

Safety & Security

Colour Options


External colour options: –

White, Black, Anthracite Grey
Internal colour options: –

White, Black, Anthracite Grey