3 Track Aluminium Sliding Doors

triple track sliding doors

Aluminium Triple Track Sliding Doors

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Triple Track Sliding Doors in Aluminium designed & manufactured in the UK


The KAT 3 track aluminium sliding door is the latest addition to our door range and allows three sashes to slide in one direction, opening up two thirds of an opening and allowing easy access to the world outside. Triple Track Sliding Doors are a brilliant alternative to a bifolding door for large openings in houses, luxury apartments and commercial buildings. This sliding patio door features slim sightlines but is very secure and when coupled with low emissivity glazing, these thermally enhanced doors achieve very acceptable U values.  Inline sliders are perfect for applications where it is desirable not to open in or out of a room and they offer a far larger glass area than a set of French double doors.

KAT awarded North West Enterprise Award for Best Patio Company 2017 and 2018.

Key features of Aluminium Triple Track Sliding Doors

  • Anthracite Grey Matt finish or White High Gloss finish from stock
  • D Handles in a Silver finish
  • Each panel up to 2 metres wide
  • Stainless steel wheels and tracks
  • All sashes can slide and stack behind each other
  • Very secure system and doors are very easy to glide open
  • Slim aluminium sections means more glass and more light
  • Option of 3 and 6 panel openings


  • Triple Track Sliding Doors can be opened from either end, allowing greater flexibility

General Description
Elegant and efficient in line system in a range of options with slim sightlines. With a three track Sliding Door, all of the sashes can slide from left to right, providing an opening of up to 2/3rds
Dimensions of Triple Track
Maximum sash width 2000mm
Maximum sash height 3000mm

Triple Track 3 panes OXX, XXX or XXO

Triple Track 6 panes OXXXXO
Maximum 400kg panel weight for inline sliders
D handle in Silver
Standard frame size, thermally broken.
Height is 49.5mm
28mm toughened double glazing as standard, when requested, with square bead.
36mm square bead is available.
Intended for domestic use – not high rise
Weather Test Results –
Air 600 Pascals
Wind 1600 Pascals
Water 300 Pascals
U value 1.6 dependant on glass
Designed, tested and manufactured to the highest security standards with 5 point enhanced security lock
From stock, we supply:
Single colour:
Anthracite Grey in a Matt finish or White in a High Gloss finish

Also available on a slightly longer lead time
Single colour:
Chocolate Brown RAL 8017M and a NEW Deep Black RAL 9005M

Dual colours:
Anthracite Grey or Black outside / White inside
Outerframes up to 6 metres will be delivered fully made up as standard.
Outerframes over 6 metres wide or 6 metres high will be delivered in kit form – 1 tube of silicon will be supplied
We can supply outerframes under 6 metres in KIT form if preferred.



This ultra-high specification triple track patio door comes with an extended 10 year warranty on all components. The KAT AluK BSC94 Inline triple track patio door is a brilliant addition to our door range.

These doors are designed to allow multiple sashes to slide in one direction, opening up almost two thirds of an opening, allowing easy access to the world outside. It’s a user-friendly alternative to bifolding doors in large openings and is sometimes chosen because it can be perceived to be safer for ‘little fingers’. Like many of our door options, the triple track patio door is packed with features, exuding contemporary design and is engineered for lasting performance.


Material Information


The strength of Aluminium allows Patio doors to be made with slim sightlines, resulting in a higher percentage of glass allowing more natural light into your home. This material offers the widest possible choice of any material for colour options. We offer a 10 year warranty on standard paint finishes.

Our bespoke gearing and rollers mean even large sashes glide effortlessly open and they are currently the highest performing doors in UK tests against wind, water and air pressure.




As standard, we fit a D Handle in a Silver finish, as pictured.



Safety & Security


Our triple track patio doors doors are designed to discourage even the most determined intruder, thanks to our high security locking systems.  

They have integrated anti-lift systems so they cannot be lifted off the track from the outside when in the locked position but remain light as a feather to operate. All KAT Doors are fitted with 3 star diamond rated cylinders for your security.

Safety & Security

Colour Options


A little time and care with your choice of colour is advised and your selection should be influenced by your style of property, surrounding architecture or your other windows and doors.

From stock, we supply:
Single colour:
Anthracite Grey in a Matt finish or White in a High Gloss finish

We can also supply the following colours with a slightly longer lead time:

Single colour:

Chocolate Brown RAL 8017M and Deep Black RAL 9005M

Dual colours:

Anthracite Grey RAL 7016M or Black RAL 9005M outside with a White High Gloss RAL 9910HG finish inside

Just let us know your sizes and how you would like the doors to open and we can make your Sliding Patio Door in just a few weeks from the date of order.




We pride ourselves in having some of the best products in the UK. Learn more about the supplier of this product on our suppliers page.

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