Luxury Aluminium Bifold Doors

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Schüco Aluminium Bifolding Doors - designed in Germany & manufactured by us in the UK


Why buy Schüco?

The way we live makes a statement about who we are. Schüco Bifolding doors are luxury products, beyond the budgets of many. They are selected for their pure quality, their exceptional engineering and for their performance guarantee. They will add value to your property and be admired by your friends because buying KAT Schueco windows and doors is not about spending, it’s about making an investment.

Our Schüco ASS70 bifolding door system combines elegant contemporary styling, architecture, design and function, with exceptional energy efficiency. Widely acknowledged by leading Architects as ‘best in class’, these doors are simply superb.

Slim aluminium profile sightlines guarantee more glass and less frame, admitting more natural light, which together with industry leading U values helps create the optimum modern living space. Security and lower fuel bills are a given, of course.

What sets our Bifolding doors apart from all other bifolds and concertina doors in Europe is their extra heavy-duty hardware and running gear, only available via Schuco. This makes our bifolds a true ‘Fit and Forget’ product.

What sets KAT apart in the UK, is that we uniquely adopt the German fit and forget approach and only use 100% authentic Schüco parts – we recommend that you don’t order a door from anyone else unless you have the suppliers guarantee that it will be fitted 100% with Schuco hardware.

We specialise in the manufacture of the ASS70 Bifolding door system designed by Schuco, arguably the most respected aluminium systems company in Europe. Architects, designers and those seeking the ultimate in design, performance and quality choose Schüco. A global brand, synonymous with ingenious design, superb quality and precision engineering.

Often seen and admired in Grand Designs programmes, Schuco bifolds are chosen for the superior advantages they bring over other bifold solutions. Every detail from the initial design, to how the doors are manufactured and installed, all combine to deliver the ultimate aluminium bifolding door solution.

Our Schuco door system was skillfully designed to be slim but hugely strong, which allows us to make very tall or very wide doors, which almost every other bifold system fails to compete with. Even at our maximum sizes, KAT doors will still not snag or drop. If you can afford the ‘Rolls Royce’ of Bifolding doors, then a KAT Schüco door is a no brainer.

Key features of Schueco Aluminium Bifolding Doors

  • Security tested to PAS24:2012
  • Standard U-Value 1.5 Wm2K
  • Fully weathered low threshold option
  • All main profiles are thermally broken
  • Contemporary square internal bead detail
  • Doors up to 3 metres high
  • Each door leaf can be up to 1200mm wide
  • Frame depth is 70mm - front to back
  • 60mm standard threshold
  • Continental, contemporary square bead detail
  • Huge range of RAL colours, anodised and textured finishes
  • 3-Star Diamond Secure lock cylinder with British Kitemark
  • Handles available in durable anodised silver, black or white finish
  • Stainless Steel hardware also available
  • Stainless steel heavy-duty rollers
  • 60 Micron paint finish as standard
  • Corner bifolding door option

From stock: RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey matt,
RAL 9005 Black matt
or RAL 9016 White gloss.
Or any RAL colour or textured finish can be supplied, including dual colours on longer delivery times
Unique opening design giving a 95% clear opening in the fully open position. Left, Right or bi-parting operation in opposite directions.
Can open inwards or outwards.
Door heights of 3 mare possible and single door widths of 1200mm are the maximum.
60mm door face (font on) profiles, 120mm where double doors meet.
70mm frame depth, front to back in cavity.
General Description
Schüco ASS70 bifold doors are regarded as the finest bifold doors you can buy.
Every detail from the initial design, to how the doors are manufactured and
installed, combine to give the ultimate luxury bifold door.

Where many other bifold door systems can be restricted in how they can be
incorporated into the overall building design, Schüco doors offer a diverse
range of design options enabling most design briefs to be met. Doors can be
made taller and wider than other bifold system, enabling you to create the largest glass panels for maximum light.
'Planitherm Total +' low emissivity 28mm sealed units
Clear glass, soft coat lamination, argon filled units.
Can accommodate glazing up to 44mm.
Standard U value of 1.5 W/m2K
3 star diamond security cylinder with kitemark, tested against all known methods of break-in.
All hardware in KAT Schüco Bifolding doors is bespoke to the product - no generic industry hardware is used.
Handles are available in Anodised Silver and Black
Material Aluminium
Available as high specification thermally broken aluminium or non insulated for room divider applications.
All hardware in KAT Schüco Bifolding doors is bespoke to the product - no generic industry hardware is used.
Ultra light operation requiring no more than a single finger to slide open or closed
4mm low threshold (no cill)
60mm standard threshold (excluding cill)
DIN EN 12208 standard for watertightness
Sound Reduction Classification of 4 (with
the correct glass fitted).
DIN EN 10077 standard for thermal insulation
Other clever innovations are also built into the product:
Door gaskets are an integral part of any bifold door. On the Schüco product the
door gaskets are designed to come away from the door as it opens.

Product Awards




Our Schüco ‘super size’ aluminium bifolding door system was conceived to satisfy the desires of the most demanding glazing projects. Designed in Germany where large glazed openings have been commonplace for many years, this door system provides the ultimate solution with the fewest sightline obstructions.

Call into our KAT Showroom in Macclesfield to see the quality of these Bifold Doors first hand.



Blinds Within Glass


Integral venetian blinds are designed specifically to sit neatly inside a sealed glass unit, between the panes of glass. A totally maintenance free option, they allow you to discard dust attracting curtains or roller blinds. They are utterly contemporary, available in a choice of 10 colours; White, Yellow, Hay, Sage, Sky, Cream, Putty, Silver, Dark Silver and Dark Grey. 

Raising and lowering integral blinds is controlled using either Rotational Wands or Knobs, or a Cord system, also by Solar Powered units or by powering them via your mains supply. Our blinds carry a 5 Year guarantee, are maintenance free, conform to BSEN 13120 Safety Standards and are suitable for 28mm double glazed window sashes, up to 1200mm wide.

Material Information


Aluminium is the world’s most abundant metal and is the third most common element, comprising 8% of the earth’s crust and has a strength to weight ratio superior to steel.  The excellent strength to weight ratio of aluminium has made it an important material for the construction of aircraft, ships, many cars and also commercial vehicles.

When the surface of aluminium metal is exposed to air, a protective oxide coating forms almost instantaneously which gives excellent corrosion resistance. This oxide layer can be further enhanced with surface treatments such as anodising. It is widely recognised that aluminium is the best material for making windows and doors from, when they are to be installed in marine environments.

The recyclability of aluminium is unparalleled. When recycled there is no degradation in properties when recycled aluminium is compared to virgin aluminium. Furthermore, recycling of aluminium only requires around 5 percent of the input energy required to produce virgin aluminium metal. Currently around 60% of aluminium metal is recycled at the end of its lifecycle but this percentage can still be vastly improved.

Aluminium windows require minimal maintenance; just a wipe with a damp cloth and a mild detergent, plus regular checks to ensure there is nothing fouling the easy operation of the window.  Aluminium does not attract dirt like PVCu does and it is very unlikely to deform. We offer a 10 Year warranty on standard paint finishes and can offer a 25 Year warranty on our Marine Grade finishes.




Furniture for our Schüco Bifolds can be manufactured in austenitic steel which is a marine grade finish for coastal applications. Our standard ‘bespoke to KAT’ range is perfect for most domestic applications of course.

Check out the finishes on our handles because it is our attention to detail that helps make this unique product range so appealing.

Handles are available in:

  • Anodised Silver – recommended for Marine applications
  • Black
  • White
  • Stainless Steel – at additional cost


Safety & Security


Security was a key part of the integrated design brief for our Schueco Bifolding doors.

In addition to this, key locking handles and anti-lift features are built into our door sashes as standard.

Rest assured that our bifolds meet the strict requirements of PAS 24:2016, the industry standard for Enhanced Security Performance.

Safety & Security

Colour Options


Aluminium offers probably the widest choice of window colours and surface finishes of any construction material. It offers a high degree of stability with minimal maintenance and guarantees a long service life. You enhance your quality of life with aluminium windows because they are completely weather-resistant and will increase your property value.

Take care when choosing your frame and door handles. Your selection should be influenced by the style of your property, surrounding architecture or the doors within your home.

KAT Schüco doors and windows are available in a wide range of RAL colours. The three most popular colours are White Gloss, Anthracite Grey and dual colour Anthracite Grey outside and White Gloss inside.

We can also provide doors in textured RAL colours and anodised finishes

We paint to a minimum paint thickness of 60 microns as standard (industry standard is only 40 microns)

Call into our showroom and we can show you a colour chart demonstrating all the available colours and finishes




We pride ourselves in having some of the best products in the UK. Learn more about the supplier of this product on our suppliers page.

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