Design Partners


KAT have a network of authorised Design Partners, many with showrooms of their own.

They will guide you through your project requirements, advising in the KAT glazing solutions which best suit your needs. They will offer a quality installation of KAT Doors, Windows and Roof Glazing into your home or project with their teams of experienced and skilled tradesmen.

The map below shows the location of KAT Design Partners, denoted in orange. Contact us and we will introduce you to your nearest Design Partner.

Trade Partners

KAT Trade Partners are knowledgeable about KAT products and are able to offer advice regarding installation of our KAT Doors, Windows and Roof Glazing. They will order the products on your behalf and KAT can deliver nationwide.

Many KAT Trade Partners have showrooms of their own where they can demonstrate the KAT products. Their locations are denoted on the map below in black.

Contact KAT and we will introduce you to your nearest Trade Partner.

Trade Partners Map